About The Academy

Your number One Film and Arts School in South East Nigeria. The Academy is aimed at equipping students with all the required skills needed to become relevant in Film, Entertainment and general arts Industry. The training is targeted primarily on all those interested in joining the fastest growing industry in Nigeria, Nollywood. We will give the participants hand-on-work practical film making lectures.

Ours at Okike Arts Academy is to help you live your dreams, by connecting you and the enabling environment to thrive and succeed in the field you have chosen.

Our only religion is creativity and burning passion to change the world through the arts of film making and TV production. We identify students who have unquenchable flare to become content providers and we provide tutors with high degree experience in film making and the result is always irreplaceable magnetic environment where unique media contents are created.

We  achieve all the above by recruiting experienced instructors, delivering a high quality programme, producing work-ready graduates, maintaining strong links to the film industry.

VISION: To equip all students with the needed skills required to succeed in the any chosen field of their choice.

MISSION: To raise practical oriented graduates, who will use arts to create solutions to all problems abound on earth.

GOAL:  To produce work-ready graduates with International best practices.

Courses We Offer

Courses at Okike Arts Academy are designed to give students hand-on-work training in order to create next generation artistes who can express arts beyond boundaries.

We engage experienced instructors with proven track records in Film and Television Productions as well as other arts fields. Our courses include:


We help actors discover their full potential as professionals, as well as help them develop skills in role and script interpretation. At the end, it is expected that an acting graduates must have featured in our short and feature film productions, thereby given the candidate the needed required experience to work in the industry.


Script Writing

Screenwriting students during training are required to create short film scripts and feature lengths as part of their training. In doing so, the students learn practically, Story Structure, Characterization, Genre and Styles, Dialogue and lots more. Graduates of Script Writing have the opportunity of been linked up with producers in the industry to pitch their scripts.


We are committed to helping you learn the art of makeup for film and television.  Our students are passionate in the art of make-up. Your creative process begins with a script – and where other people might simply see monsters or beauty queens, your artiste’s gaze and detail-oriented design will culminate in a meticulous execution that gets you hired over and over again. Our Make-Up Graduates are always opportune to work with other passionate professionals who value their singular vision and dedication to shaping audience experiences.



Okike Arts Academy helps prepare students to become great editors that find work. Our basic courses cover Premiere PRO only. However, our fundamentals and advanced courses cover the latest in Final Cut editing software. We also work with Avid, Motion and Color, and train our students in Sound Design, Color Correction, DVD Authoring, Animation, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke through a variety of specialized programs. We give our editors the skills to adapt in the fast-paced, ever changing world of media. Our graduates are often most sorts after in the Industry.


At Okike Arts Academy our students have the privilege of laying their hands on various cameras, as our hand-on-work programme gives the cinematography students the opportunity to shoot short films, documentaries and finally student feature films during the period of training. Cinematography students explore a wide range of film making, gaining skills in dramatic narrative, documentary film making and the latest in green-screen effects. Our graduates will readily and confidently work in any Film or Television Production set as a cinematographer.



Producers are taught both the artistic and business aspect of filmmaking. Filmmakers must understand the script, understand the characters, understand the narrative elements of every script and learn how to assemble cast and crew for filmmaking. Producers will perfect both the creative and business aspects of filmmaking by enhancing and developing artistic proficiency and judgment and becoming immersed in a solid background of the entertainment industry.  Producers are taught the nitty-gritty of the business and how to succeed in the industry.


Students of Directing are taught the pre-production to post-production processes. They are exposed to Digital Camera overview, script approach, and different directing approaches. We will teach you how to put theory into practice. Our students learn the language of film making, visualize a script and practice the craft. Our Directing graduates are equipped with the essential skills for a successful career in directing for film, television or screen more generally, and for other roles in the industry.


Acting, Script writing & Make up


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N15, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N25, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –        N45, 500


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N15, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N25, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –        N45, 500

Editing and Cinematography


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N30, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N45, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –        N80, 500


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N30, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N45, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –       N80, 500

Producing and Directing


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N20, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N35, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –        N60, 500


  • One Month (Basics)                       –       N20, 500
  • Three Months (Fundamentals)   –       N35, 500
  • Six Months (Advanced)                –       N60, 500

Admission Requirements

To secure admission into Okike Arts Academy you must have:

  • An O’level Certificate
  • 2 passport Photograph
  • 1 full length of your portrait picture
  • Identity Card (preferably any of the following: Int. passport, National ID card or Drivers License)

Important Notes

  • Okike Arts Academy is not responsible for your Accommodation. Please secure one before coming.
  • No Refund of FEES after payment. All payments are final.
  • All payments should be made to the following details:

Account Name:       OKIKE MEDIA

Account Number:  5600297181

Bank Name:            Fidelity Bank

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